Fine decoration standard

Fine decoration standard
  Fine decoration house inspection pay attention to the following 14 matters
  一) Roof height: Measure 4-5 points on the roof with a ruler. If the values ​​are the same, it means that the roof is not inclined.
  2) Wall and floor: Use a long ruler to approach the wall and floor, check whether the wall is flat, and observe whether there are scratches or cracks on the wall and whether there is a burst on the wall.
  3) The quality of the door: Put a mirror on the top of the door and the bottom of the door to check whether the places that are usually invisible are painted. Especially for the bathroom door, if the paint on the top and bottom is not fully painted, the bottom of the door will rot and damage prematurely over time. Check whether the anti-theft door is scratched, whether the door is deformed, whether the seal between the door and the frame is tight, and whether the door and lock switch are flexible.
  4) Windows: The screens and sashes on sliding windows should feel flexible and without collision. There should be anti-blocking caps on the window frames outside the windows to prevent foreign objects from blocking and affecting drainage.
  5). Airtightness of doors and windows: Check whether the doors and windows are well sealed. You can put a long paper strip on the sealing point, close the door and press the paper strip to pull out. Several tests can see whether the pressure of the sealing strip is even.