Floor acceptance

Flooring is a commonly used floor decoration material in the decoration of rooms and public buildings. With the sharp increase in its sales volume, complaints are also on the rise. Therefore, when doing home decoration, you must carefully check the floor decoration quality and do a good job of acceptance.

Floor acceptance specifications: 1. Acceptance time; 2. Key points of acceptance; 3. Floor installation quality acceptance; 4. Skirting board installation quality acceptance; 5. General requirements; Completion acceptance specifications: 1. Acceptance time: Acceptance within three days after the completion of floor paving . 2. Key points for acceptance: 2.1 When the laying length in the width direction of the floor is ≥6m, or when the laying length in the length direction of the floor is ≥15m, reasonable spacing measures should be adopted, expansion joints should be set and buckles should be used for transition. Near the doorway, it is advisable to set expansion joints and use buckle strips for transition.

The gap between the bottom of the door leaf and the buckle bar should not be less than 3mm, and the door leaf should be opened and closed freely. The buckle should be installed firmly. 2.2 The floor surface should be clean and flat. The appearance quality of the floor should meet the requirements of the corresponding product standards. 2.3 The floor should be laid firmly and not loose, and there should be no obvious abnormal noise when stepping on. 3. Floor installation quality acceptance; 4. Skirting board installation quality acceptance; 5. General requirements: After the completion of floor laying, both the paving unit and the user should carry out the acceptance within the prescribed acceptance period, and evaluate the overall laying quality and service quality. , And go through the acceptance procedures. The paving unit shall issue a warranty card and promise the obligations during the floor warranty period.

Floor acceptance criteria: 1. Check whether the color of the floor is consistent: If the color difference is too large, it will directly affect the appearance, you can request to change; if the color is too consistent, there is almost no color difference, then it depends on whether the pattern on the floor surface is the same. 2. Check if there is any sound on the floor: Walk back and forth on the floor during the acceptance, and your steps must be heavier, especially the parts against the walls and door openings. Pay more attention to the acceptance. If there is a sound, repeat the walk to determine the specific location of the sound. Good mark. In this case, you can request to remove and resurface.

3. Check whether the floor is deformed or warped: the method of acceptance is to use a 2-meter-long ruler, leaning on the floor, and the flatness should not be greater than 3 mm. 4. Acceptance of the skirting line: the gap between the skirting line and the door frame is ≤ 2 mm; the gap between the skirting line and the seam is ≤ 1 mm; the gap between the skirting line and the floor surface should be in the range of 3 mm to 5 mm; The height difference of the line buckle mouth should be ≤1mm. 5. Acceptance of the door buckle strip: The door buckle strip should be installed directly under the door. It is advisable to leave no edges inside or outside after closing the door.

The gap between the buckle strip and the bottom of the door is between 3 mm and 7 mm, and the door can be opened. Close freely. The installation of the buckle should be firm and stable. You can kick the middle part of the buckle with your foot to check whether the two sides of the buckle are tilted or loose, and there is no abnormal noise. 6. Finally, check whether there are worms, crevices and scratches on the surface of the floor: it is common that the ground keel has not been processed and there are worms inside.