Floor decoration pay attention to details

1. Production standard of wooden floor box

On-site construction begins with a wooden floor box on the ground. The ground box is a space structure that is elevated above the ground, usually 15 to 40 cm in height. Floor effect picture
Floor effect picture

Important note 1: The lower part of the floor box below 15 cm cannot be used for storage, and the lower part of the floor box above 15 cm can be used for storage.

Important reminder 2: Floor boxes below 15 cm are generally made of 3*4 wooden keels with a “well” structure, and the top is covered with solid wood panels, and the tatami is placed on the paving surface.

2. Floor box standard

Floor box storage means that the lower part of the platform is made into multiple floor box structures, which can store items and so on. This type of platform has a box structure with a height of more than 40 cm. The floor structure space is determined by the size of the room and the arrangement of the tatami mats for ease of use. Usually, there is a floor box under a tatami mat. It is better to open the tatami mat to see what you get.

3. Material selection standards for floor boxes

The material of the floor box is imported Russian shoji pine with no scars on both sides, anti-corrosion and insect-proof, and hard wood. The method usually considered for customers is to match high and low, with the bright side as the boundary (the bright side is what we usually call the visible surface of the object), and the bright side is solid wood.

The backlight surface (the backlight surface is what we usually say is the part of the object that is concealed) is made of high-quality environmentally friendly finger joint boards (shoji pine), which can effectively control the budget for customers, and can meet environmental protection requirements, while showing solid wood grain The effect of beauty.

4. Installation standard of platform and box

The construction department first marked the horizontal line at 1.2 meters above and below all the walls of the room. With this basic horizontal line, we can ensure that our platform is flat. Then all the floor boxes are made according to the floor structure drawing. The platform structure is stable and stable. It is a guarantee for long-term use in the future. The vertical board in the ground box is the key to load-bearing, so the whole vertical board can be the best. If the board is not long enough, it needs to be spliced. The splicing place must be strengthened. The vertical board of the ground box must be It must be stable and strong. The bottom of the floor box is fixed with a nail gun between the bottom plate and the vertical plate, and the arrangement is tight and strong. The bottom plate is also for better reinforcement of the floor box.

5. Floor box and wall link standard

After the ground box is placed in place, the connection to the wall is started. The method is to use a wooden board (shoji pine) to open a strip of about 10-15 cm wide and lay it along the edge of the platform, that is, the structure of the edge, which has three functions

(1) To fix the relationship between the ground box and the wall

(2) The guard frame will be placed on the falling edge

(3) After the tatami is opened, it can be directly placed on the wide falling edge, without the need to move the entire tatami, which is convenient for users to operate.

6. The production standard of floor box protection frame

The tatami guard frame is placed on the falling edge, the main function of the guard frame

(1) Protect the corners of tatami mats from damage or collapse in future use

(2) Ensure that the tatami mat is placed in a regular space, referred to as \”Gufang\”.

The method of making the protective frame is to use a sheet to close the edge of the floor box. After the enclosed protective frame, a horizontal and vertical rectangular regular space is required to form, which is conducive to the effect of tatami installation.

The height of the guard frame is the thickness of tatami mats, and the width is about 5 cm. It should be emphasized that the width may not be a fixed value. If the flatness of the wall is poor, it may even be the size of the head (the size of the head is what we usually call the two ends of the wall Inconsistent sizes), then in order to ensure the rules of the space in the protective frame, the width of the protective frame is a randomly changing size.

7. Floor box cover standard

The floor box cover is on the floor box. It is the tatami bearing layer. Generally, Pinus sylvestris finger joints are used. According to the size of a single floor box, the entire cover plate is laid flat. Each cover plate will reserve a round hole for convenience. Flip storage. As shown:

The size of the tatami cover corresponds to the size of the tatami. Through the above production, our platform is completed.

A few notes in the production of the platform:

1. The design department must do on-site measurement and design before the ground box construction.

2. The solid wood finger joint board needs to be painted with primer before use to prevent the solid wood from deforming in the future.

3. The load-bearing capacity of the floor box is the key, so the floor box span (width) is not easy to be too large, and it is beneficial to control it between 50-80 cm; if the floor box length (length) is too large, a wooden keel should be added for separation in a suitable place Reinforcement.

4. Floor box cover

5. Regardless of the size and shape of the room, the box-type tatami platform has a constant principle: one floor box corresponds to one cover, and one cover corresponds to one tatami.