Floor decoration

Floor is a very important part of home decoration. When decorating the floor, what annoys everyone is what style to choose, what material to choose, cost and so on. The following introduces the issues we should pay attention to when floor decoration, to help you deal with floor decoration matters calmly.
Floor decoration renderings one
In advocating returning to the true nature and returning to nature today, people hope to find the ideal lifestyle in their hearts. The antique floor is simple and heavy, like having experienced the baptism of time, showing traces of time, highlighting the traces of antiquities and scars on the surface of the floor, catering to people’s nostalgia and spiritual cultural pursuit.
Floor decoration renderings two
When we are pursuing economic development and developing towards the modernization, the European and American regions have begun to admire nature and pursue authenticity. It is reflected in the floor that in the 1970s, antique floors became popular in Europe and America. Through hand scraping, patchwork, and wind erosion, the floor shows the traces of time.
Floor decoration renderings three
Nowadays, home furnishing styles are developing in diversified styles, and antique flooring is also popular in China, from high-end products to popularization. Antique flooring is mostly solid wood composite floor, because the surface layer of solid wood composite floor is made of solid wood material, which is suitable for hand scraping, patchwork, wind erosion and other old methods. These old effects are mostly done by hand engravers.