Floor spring door installation

Installation and construction:
Use the glass sucker to suck the tempered glass tightly, and then hold the sucker to lift the tempered glass plate. There should be 2-3 people doing the lifting at the same time. After lifting, the tempered glass plate should be inserted into the limit slot on the top of the door frame first, and then placed on the bottom support, and the installation position is correct, so that the edge of the tempered glass plate just seals the stainless steel facing of the side frame column Seam
The method of fixing the tempered glass on the bottom bracket is: nailing wooden slats on the side of the bottom bracket, which is about 4mm away from the tempered glass plate. Then apply all-purpose glue on the wooden slats and glue the facing stainless steel plates to the wooden square. The installation structure of the upper and lower parts of the tempered glass plate is shown in Figure 5-197. Inject glass glue at the top limit slot, the bottom bracket fixing, and the seam between the tempered glass and the frame column.
The operation method of glass glue sealing:
First, unpack a glass glue and put it into the glass glue injection gun, and use the back pressure rod end plate of the glass glue gun to hold the bottom of the glass glue tank. Then hold the body of the glass glue injection gun with one hand and hold the glue injection pressing handle with the other hand, and operate the pressing handle continuously and pressingly to make the glass glue squeeze out a small amount from the nozzle. Then align the nozzle of the glass glue at the end of the gap to be sealed.
The sealing operation of the glass glue should start from the end of the gap. The key to operation is to hold the pressing handle evenly, and at the same time move at a uniform speed along the gap, that is, as the glass glue is extruded, move the nozzle at a constant speed, so that the glass glue forms a straight line with a uniform surface at the gap. . Finally, scrape off the excess glass glue with a plastic sheet, and wipe off the glue traces with a clean cloth.
Butt joint between thick glass plates:
The thick glass plate on the fixed part of the door cannot often be completed with one piece. When the thick glass is butted, a distance of 2-3mm should be left at the butt joint, and the thick glass edge needs to be chamfered. After the two connected thick glasses are positioned and fixed, inject the glass glue into the gap. After filling, use a plastic sheet to scrape the glass glue on both sides of the thick glass, and wipe off the glue with a clean cloth.