Floor spring door lock

Floor spring door lock
 The surface of the floor spring door lock is generally made of stainless steel, which is high-grade, beautiful, safe, firm and reliable. The thickness of the door leaf is generally 10-15mm.
   floor spring door lock components: including a lock shell, a lock head, a lock tongue, a fixing plate, a lock tongue plate connected with the lock tongue, as well as a safety mechanism and a lock tongue length control mechanism.
Floor spring door lock composition: The front and rear side walls of the tongue of the tongue are both inclined surfaces. A sliding core is installed in the sliding groove of the tongue plate. The front and rear locks A and B are separated from each other. The plate A and the rotating plate B can rotate with the lock head and push the column on the sliding core to move the bolt plate and bolt, and the door lock is opened. A safety block that can slide up and down is installed on the lock shell. When the block is downward, the side wall bears against the bolt plate, so that the lock cannot be opened.
   Floor spring door lock features: Regardless of left and right, it can be opened in both directions, with self-locking function, and its anti-theft and anti-pry performance is excellent.
Floor spring door composition
 Floor spring door track: made of high-strength, wear-resistant aluminum. It can be easily cut, even in shops and other places with various opening widths, it can be adjusted on site and installed with the best size. Take 2.5 meters as the basic unit length.
   Floor spring door controller: Pull and retract the detection signal of the sensor or other signal switch, drive the motor, and control the door body to move in a suitable way.
   Floor spring door motor: A small, high-power DC brushless motor is used, and it is used with a high-speed gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise to reduce speed, and then drive the timing belt.
   Floor spring door sensor: When someone enters and exits the floor spring door, it signals the floor spring door to open.
   Floor spring door belt tensioner component: The constant tension belt tensioner is used to adjust the belt tension, and the belt constant adjustment device maintains the constant tension of the synchronous toothed belt.
   floor spring door hanging wheel: all adopt an adjustable structure, the hanger parts are stamped and formed by cold-rolled steel plate, and the hanger is equipped with a guide wheel made of special materials, which moves along the curved surface on the track.
   Floor spring door belt: Choose a synchronous toothed belt with high transmission efficiency and connect with the hanger to drive the door leaf movement.