Floor style

It is necessary to establish a distinctly different style in the indoor space, and other three-dimensional partitions such as glass partitions, curtain partitions, wall partitions, etc. are not suitable. You can consider building a platform. For example, in a large space, you want to divide it into 3 areas, and the use of curtains and other methods may result in dim light, you can consider building a platform to raise the middle of some areas to achieve the purpose of separating the space. \”Compared with other partition methods, the platform cost is low, does not damage the patency of the space, and does not affect the lighting, which makes it easy to emphasize the main and auxiliary space.\”

The form of the platform depends on the room and location, and it can appear anywhere in the house. In addition, the platform can have various geometric patterns, square, round, one-layer, two-layer, three-layer, etc., with free forms and various combinations. In addition to dividing the space, the platform also has a storage function.