Floor waxing method

1. Clean up garbage and debris on the ground and erect construction signs
Wipe the stains on the floor with diluted neutral detergent. The stains that are difficult to remove can be wiped off with water. To prevent detergent from accumulating in the groove, the cloth soaked in detergent should be wringed out as much as possible. Floor wax remover will cause stains and swelling on the floor, so it must not be used.
2. Clean the ground with a neutral detergent and scrubber
Wipe with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly. The floor surface, especially the groove part, should be wiped carefully without leaving any detergent. Residual detergent and moisture will cause the surface to become white and swell.
3. Wipe the floor dry with a dry towel or wait for it to dry naturally
Fully dry the surface of the floor and the moisture in the grooves to dry completely before waxing. The time required varies depending on the season, but it takes more than half a day. If it is not sufficiently dried, the floor wax will not adhere closely to the floor surface, affecting the appearance and causing whitening.
4. After the ground is dry, wax the surface evenly
Shake the container with floor wax and stir well. Apply carefully according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, and do not miss the application or uneven thickness. Too little smearing will cause uneven density, and too much smearing will result in poor film formation. Keeping the thickness uniform is the key to waxing. Do not dilute the floor wax with water. The waxing tool can use a special mop for waxing, which is easy to operate and has an ideal effect.
5. Wait until the wax surface is completely dry
Professionals use a high-speed polishing machine with a polishing pad to polish the surface at a uniform speed until the surface is bright.
6. The waxed and polished floor is bright and tidy, and the sensory effect is very good
Do not walk on the floor before the floor wax is dry. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. If there is any missing coating, make up coating. If waxing twice is used, the second application should be done after the first time is completely dry. Waxing every 6 months or so can keep the floor beautiful for a long time.