Floor waxing

Floor waxing is to coat solid wood floors, pvc (plastic) floors, stone floors (marble, granite, terrazzo), etc., with a layer of wax on the surface. After the wax is cured, it will isolate air, moisture, and dust, while preventing slippage. , Anti-wear and anti-static function, so as to better maintain the floor and extend the service life of the floor. Waxing is divided into two types: solid wax and liquid wax. Floor waxing requires professional waxing, and the wax layer and wax liquid should be evenly distributed and moderate in thickness to achieve a bright and clean floor.
One, choose fine weather to wax
In rainy days, the humidity is too high and waxing will produce white turbidity. When the room temperature is below 5 degrees, the floor wax will harden.
Before waxing, do not use a chemical-containing cloth to wipe the floor, which will cause poor adhesion of the floor wax.
2. Remove garbage and dirt on the floor surface
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove trash and dust on the floor surface. Wipe the stains on the floor with diluted neutral detergent. The stains that are difficult to remove can be wiped off with water.
To prevent detergent from accumulating in the groove, the cloth soaked in detergent should be wringed out as much as possible.
3. Wipe with a wrung cloth
Wipe with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly. The floor surface, especially the groove part, should be wiped carefully without leaving any detergent. Residual detergent and moisture will cause the surface to become white and swell.
Fourth, fully dry
Wax the floor surface and grooves after they are completely dry. The time required varies depending on the season, but it takes more than half a day.
Five, floor waxing method
Shake the container containing the floor wax and stir well. Before the whole floor of the room is waxed, it is necessary to perform a partial test in the corner of the room and other inconspicuous places to confirm whether there is any abnormality.
Dip the floor wax with a clean cloth to prevent dripping. Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will cause stains and ring marks.
Apply carefully according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, and do not miss the application or uneven thickness. Too little smearing will cause uneven density, and too much smearing will result in poor film formation.
6. Do not walk on the floor before the floor wax is dry
Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. If there is any missing coating, make up coating.