Folding tables and chairs

Folding tables and chairs
Folding tables and chairs, lightweight and stackable seats, are convenient to move and save space. The history of folding chairs In ancient Egyptian furniture, folding chairs are listed as one of the most important furniture. The original folding chair was a special seat for military commanders on the battlefield, and it was also a symbol of power and prestige.
Folding tables and chairs to buy
1. Look at the use of folding tables and chairs
Before choosing folding tables and chairs, we must first clarify what this set of folding tables and chairs is used for. It is used as a small dining table for dining and entertainment, or with a low coffee table. In the former case, it is appropriate to choose a high-height foldable table and chair, so that whether it is eating or playing cards and drinking tea, it will be more comfortable, and it will not cause the body to curl up and become uncomfortable because of its low height. If it is used with a coffee table and a low cabinet, you can choose a collapsible chair similar to the small Mazha type. The height of this kind of chair is different from that of a general family sofa. When sitting around the coffee table and chatting, whether it is the person on the sofa or the person on the chair, the height is the same, and there will be no embarrassment due to the height difference.
2. Look at the style of folding tables and chairs
There are many styles of foldable tables and chairs on the market, which is dazzling. With so many beautiful folding tables and chairs, people can’t help but want to buy them home. At this time, you must resist the impulse, think about the style of your home decoration, and then choose foldable tables and chairs according to this style, and it will not make people feel awkward because of the different styles. After determining the style, you can also think about which color to choose to match the home improvement. Generally, foldable tables and chairs of the same color are the safest. Of course, if you have a lot of research on color, then boldly use the color combination combination, I believe there will be some unexpected beauty.
3. Look at the material of folding tables and chairs
Compared with ordinary tables and chairs, folding tables and chairs not only save space and are lighter in size, but also have price advantages. This is because most foldable tables and chairs use hollow tubes as supports and plastic materials as panels, which is low cost. The materials used for folding tables and chairs with the same appearance may be quite different, so you must be careful when choosing them, and don’t be cheap. After all, foldable tables and chairs are in close contact with the human body, and safety must be the first priority. In recent years, many foldable tables and chairs are mostly made of wood, among which there are polymer wood and solid wood. Both plastic and wood have their advantages. The plastic is small and light, and the wood is thick and firm. But no matter what kind of foldable tables and chairs, we must put quality and safety first.