Four door wardrobe

Four door wardrobe
 Four-door wardrobe is the most common type of wardrobe. The four-door wardrobe means a four-door wardrobe. The four-door wardrobe itself has a larger space and can also store more clothes. Some seasonal clothes can be stored in it. Four-door wardrobes are generally made of solid wood wardrobes and board wardrobes, which are suitable for being placed in square rooms.
Four-door wardrobe size
The height of the cabinet for hanging short clothes or suits is not less than 80cm; the height of the cabinet for hanging long coats is not less than 1300cm; the height of drawers is not less than 150cm~200cm; as for the cabinet for stacking clothes, the width of the folded clothes It can be seen that the width of the cabinet body is between 330cm~400cm and the height is not less than 350cm. For the height of the wardrobe, the distance from the upper edge of the clothes rail to the top plate of the cabinet is 40~60mm. The depth of the wardrobe is mainly considered by people. The shoulder width factor is generally 600mm and should not be less than 500mm.
The height of the entire cabinet space can be divided into 3 to 4 layers according to the requirement that the height between the shelves is not less than 450 mm. Generally, the height of the wardrobe is divided into 3 floors when there is no hanging room, and the user should be given the opportunity to choose the fourth floor.
Four door wardrobe design
Four-door wardrobe design one:
The dimensions of this four-door wardrobe combined with solid wood panels are: length: 1.89 meters, width: 0.6 meters, and height: 2.36 meters. The overall style is simple, simple and stylish. In particular, the carved design and arc lines on the top of this four-door wardrobe have a very good overall vision. The two drawers under the wardrobe can also put some small objects. The size of the four-door wardrobe is okay, but it is short, it is a bit inconvenient to take the clothes, which is a pity.
Four-door wardrobe design two:
The size of the wardrobe is: length: 2.01 meters, width: 0.615 meters, height: 2.395 meters, which is slightly higher than the two four-door cabinets above. The carved design on the top of this four-door wardrobe feels particularly like a small castle. The entire surface of the wardrobe is made of high-quality environmentally friendly paint, which not only ensures the health of our bodies, but also the paint surface of the wardrobe is not easy to turn yellow.
Four-door wardrobe design three:
The size of the four-door wardrobe is length: 2.01 meters, width: 0.63 meters, and height: 2.38 meters. The size of the above four-door wardrobes is not much different in height. This four-door wardrobe is made of camphor wood, which is not prone to insects, healthy and environmentally friendly. The engraving on the top of the four-door wardrobe and the yellowish color are particularly noble and elegant. Coupled with the coffee table and sofa next to it, the whole feeling is very good.