Frameless balcony features

Frameless balcony windows have eight characteristics:
1. All aluminum profiles adopt international general door and window profiles 6063T5, and the domestic label is LD31RCS. This profile has light weight, high strength, and high impact resistance.
2. The axis of the load-bearing accessories is made of 304 stainless steel, which greatly strengthens the support for the glass. It can support floor-to-ceiling glass with a height of 2.6 meters and a width of 1.0 meters. (Ordinary frameless balcony windows can support floor-to-ceiling glass with a height of 2.2 meters and a width of 0.5 meters)
3. The accessory pulley is made of carbon steel bearing and POM, which has high hardness, friction resistance and aging resistance. Can withstand hundreds of thousands of push and pull.
4. The single glass is designed with four wheels for force, the main wheel has three layers, and the secondary wheel has two layers. There is no approach bridge, and the loaded pulley will not jump through multiple beam openings. Extremely smooth and slippery!
5. The unique design of the upper and lower beams with built-in anti-collision rubber strips can solve the noise reduction problem of the frameless balcony window to a greater extent. The anti-collision rubber strips are made of automotive-grade raw material EPDM, which can guarantee 20 years of weatherability No worries to the future.
6. Advanced world lock design, which can be switched with one hand, easy to operate and durable.
7. Three-in-one adjustable double-sided force clamping, flexible adjustment, suitable for 6-10mm thick glass. The glass is stressed on both sides and is durable.
8. Concealed rivet design, added plastic safety envelope with clamping edge, beautiful and luxurious appearance.