Frameless balcony window purchase

Frameless balcony window purchase
1. Look at the appearance: Good products have tight gaps everywhere, consistent heights between the glass, and even gaps. The details are smart. The gaps between the window frame and the structure are sealed with high-quality sealing materials. The appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the window sash glass is easy and easy. slip. Inferior products, the appearance is very rough, either the glass is uneven or the gap is uneven, the joints are relatively rough, the wall gap treatment is simple, the appearance is ugly, the waterproof is not good, and the hand feel is not smooth.
Second, look at the quality of materials and accessories: the surface of good aluminum materials is mostly coated with imported powder, and the coating is delicate and shiny; aluminum materials must pay attention to the quality. Good tops are mostly high-quality nylon products, with good wear resistance and anti-aging properties. In order to achieve the goal of winning the market at low prices, some manufacturers blindly reduce costs by using inferior aluminum processed from recycled aluminum and inferior nylon or plastic accessories, or thinning the aluminum wall thickness, which will cause the use time of frameless balcony windows. It becomes loose and deformed, difficult to push and pull, or even falls off as soon as it grows, which poses great safety risks. Be careful when choosing, don’t spend money to buy yourself a time bomb.
3. See if the material has passed the national 3C compulsory safety certification: Because the frameless balcony window does not have a middle frame, it has high requirements on the glass. The original quality is required to be good and the tempering process is in place, so as to ensure the various indicators of tempered glass Meet the requirements. Some manufacturers use inferior tempered glass or ordinary glass in order to save costs. The cost per square meter can be reduced by more than 20-30 yuan, but the quality cannot be guaranteed at all.
4. See whether the manufacturer’s technology is excellent: According to professionals, frameless balcony windows have high requirements in design, production and installation. Unlike traditional framed windows, frameless window glass is suspended on the upper structure by expansion bolts. This requires that the size, quality, quantity, and drill size of the expansion bolts used during installation must be constructed in strict accordance with the requirements, otherwise, the window may fall due to the weak connection and cause a safety accident. However, some arcs or irregular balconies with staggered heights are difficult to deal with if the manufacturer’s technology is not good enough.
5. See if the after-sales service is perfect and guaranteed: any product will inevitably have quality problems. Having an after-sales service system can save you from worries. Since there are no standard parts for frameless window materials and accessories, and they cannot be used by various manufacturers, the after-sales service guarantee is a key factor you must consider when selecting frameless windows.