Frameless balcony window

Frameless balcony window
The frameless balcony is made of high-preservation tempered glass, and the corresponding hardware accessories are combined with large-section aluminum alloy. Its design enables each window to move left and right, and it can be opened at 90` and arranged block by block. The entire balcony window can According to the needs of users, it can be fully opened or closed, fully retaining the characteristics and functions of the balcony.
Frameless balcony window price
The price of frameless balcony windows is changeable. Due to the nuances of different materials, or factors such as layout, brand, material, size, quality, etc., the price varies widely, from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter Not waiting. Generally speaking, frameless balcony windows will use better materials, and the price fluctuates between 100-1000 yuan per square meter, while large office spaces and public areas will use better frameless balcony windows, and the price is often 1,000 yuan per square meter. About square meters.
Is the frameless balcony window good?
1. Single open window
[Principle] One piece of glass is pushed to the side of the balcony, and it turns on.
[Advantages] Fully open, 100% free balcony space; standing indoors can easily clean both sides of the glass; single glass can be turned 90 degrees.
[Disadvantages] Each piece of glass needs to pass through the designated process port to open; and before opening the middle window sash, the previous piece must be opened.
2. Double linkage window
[Principle] A hinge is connected between every two pieces of glass, and the two pieces are moved to both sides of the balcony together and rotated to open.
[Advantages] Fully open, 100% release of balcony space; two pieces of glass can be opened independently at any position; two pieces of glass connected can be turned 90 degrees.
[Disadvantages] Outdoor glass is not easy to clean.
3. Sliding frameless window
[Principle] Two-track, three-track, and four-track frameless window with sliding structure, multiple pieces of glass can be pushed onto both sides of the balcony, but cannot be opened by rotating.
[Advantages] The maximum opening area of ​​two-track, three-track, and four-track is 50%, 60%, and 75% respectively.
[Disadvantages] can not be fully opened; outdoor glass is not convenient to clean; safety factor is lower than the above two.