Functional sofa

Functional sofa
 Functional sofa refers to multifunctional sofa. The most common is the functional sofa: There are two types, one: manual function extension, manual function can also be equipped with shaking and rotating function sofa, and another: electric function extension, electric function can also bring both shaking and rotation This function, using the built-in lithium battery power supply can solve the problem of the alloy frame being pulled to the power cord when shaking or rotating.
Function sofa purchase
1. The choice of functional sofa bed depends on the raw materials.
The multi-function sofa bed should satisfy the two functions of sitting and lying. It must be sturdy and beautiful. Its raw materials and technology should be guaranteed. If it is opened and closed frequently or the number of opening and closing times is relatively large, the requirements for raw materials and technology are very high. Strict, so hard wood or metal brackets are usually used when purchasing, and it is necessary to observe whether the welding place of the bracket is lubricated and has no space, and the coating is uniform and soft.
2. To buy a functional sofa bed depends on the tension spring.
Whether it is a leather sofa, a fabric sofa or a functional sofa, the springs are essential accessories. The quality of the springs not only determines the comfort of the sofa, but also determines the useful life of the sofa. The springs of the sofa bed should Moderate soft and hard, balanced elasticity. Moreover, when the high-quality spring supports the component, there is no sound or the sound is small, which is also a way to distinguish.
3. To purchase a functional sofa bed, look at the folding bayonet or chute.
The multi-function sofa bed often “transforms” due to demand, so the quality of the folding bayonet or the slide rail must also be excellent, and some multi-function sofa beds are also equipped with pulleys to facilitate the owner to easily transfer the position, so these “critical” parts Whether it is good or bad, it also determines the feeling of the multi-function sofa bed in use. When purchasing, you can open and close or fold it by yourself to feel whether the multi-function sofa bed has a sense of lag.
4. The choice of functional sofa bed depends on the fabric.
Since the multifunctional sofa bed needs to take into account the functions of the sofa and the bed, the raw material of the sofa cushion is particularly important. The cushion fabric should not be too slippery, otherwise the rehabilitation effect will be poor during rest. At present, the better multifunctional sofa bed cushions and cushions are mostly nylon The belt and the snake spring are interspersed with the mesh structure. This structure has a moderate sitting feeling and excellent rebound effect.
5. Purchase a functional sofa to taste the appearance of the sofa
Generally speaking, sofas with flowing lines can create a noble and elegant space atmosphere, while sofas with uneven lines simply create a stylish and generous modern sense, and the rounded and compact shape can give people a warm and warm feeling. You can choose the sofa you like according to your home decoration personality and personal love of the space atmosphere.
6. Sit up and try it. In most cases, the sofa bed cushion is responsible for the function of the sofa, so the quality of the cushion is very important. The cushion fabric should not be too slippery and the elasticity should be moderate. Nowadays, better quality sofa bed cushions and back cushions are mostly made of nylon belts and snake spring inserted mesh structures, layered with high-elastic foam, spray cotton and lightweight foam. This cushion has good resilience and a comfortable sitting feeling.