Garage decoration considerations

Garage decoration considerations
1. Moisture-proof: The first problem to be solved in garage decoration is moisture-proof. Therefore, when choosing decoration materials, it is best to choose materials with better moisture-proof effects. Under normal circumstances, the floor of the garage is made of marble tiles, while the walls are wallpaper or paint, and the ceiling is preferably made of gypsum board. The moisture-proof effect of these materials is still relatively ideal.
2. Daylighting: Another problem that needs to be solved when decorating the garage is daylighting. Some garages located in the basement cannot improve daylighting through doorways and window grilles, so lighting equipment is needed to solve them. It is best to choose a lamp with better brightness.
In addition, you can also use glass and other objects to increase the light in the garage by refracting light
3. Air: Generally speaking, garages are mostly stuffy, and the ventilation is not ideal. Therefore, it is best to install ventilation equipment when decorating the garage. If you install an exhaust fan, you can often ventilate the garage.
In addition, if space conditions permit, you can also place large potted plants in the garage, which can effectively improve the air quality in the garage.
4. Wood: Some people like to use wood when decorating the garage, thinking that the original texture of wood makes people feel particularly comfortable. But it should be noted that the garage is not suitable for the use of wooden decoration materials. The wooden floor will be corroded after a long time, and it is prone to blackening and deformation. Therefore, it is best not to use wooden materials to decorate the garage.
5. Height: There are certain requirements for the height of the garage. The height of the decorated garage cannot be lower than 2.5 meters, otherwise it will produce a sense of depression. Secondly, because the garage is different from other spaces in the house, the garage basically has no windows to improve daylighting, so once the height of the garage is too low, it will be obviously depressing.