Garden house decoration design

What is a garden house
The garden house, as the name suggests, must be inseparable from the garden and the house. From the name, you can also infer its general style. Yes, the decoration style of the garden house is mostly European or North American style, with a strong Western atmosphere, but there are also a few Nanyang styles. Garden houses are generally built in the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Large area of ​​greening facilities, comfortable and pleasant environment.
Garden house decoration design
As a fashionable and high-quality residence, the garden house is either solemn and noble, or elegant and generous. It is known for its large landscape terraces, gardens, and double-high-rise balconies. This gives designers huge room for development. Designers must fully consider environmental characteristics, landscape resources, The layout and orientation trigger the inspiration of life, make the works full of vitality and vitality, and satisfy the owners’ infinite thirst for nature and ecology.
1. Entrance to the room with a view: The garden house must have a rich natural landscape,
2. Distinguish between public and private: Garden houses are generally large-sized, and the design must fully consider adapting to the modern life mode, integrating residence, leisure and entertainment. The public space meets the entertainment needs of meeting guests. The design must make people understand the owner’s style and taste at a glance. The leisure and entertainment environment design is natural and relaxed; the private space is for living and resting. The high-quality life needs of successful people such as privacy and comfort are in Here is zoomed in to the extreme, and the design highlights are reflected in the complete functions of the living room and the privacy and practicality of the master bedroom.
3. Modeling design: The garden house has strong ventilation and lighting, and the design is very particular.