Garden style types

1. Regular formula:
This style of garden, because the roof shape is mostly geometric, and the area is relatively small, in order to coordinate the layout of the roof garden with the site, it usually adopts a regular layout, especially the planting ponds are mostly geometric and rectangular. , Square, regular hexagon, circle, etc., and sometimes it is also appropriately transformed or a combination of several shapes. There are the following subdivisions:
(1) Peripheral regular style: In the garden, plants are mainly planted around the periphery to form a green frame. This planting form gives people a neat beauty. This style of garden is a perimeter regular style.
(2) Scattered regular form: This form mostly uses several regular planting ponds scattered in the garden, and the plants in the planting ponds can be grass, shrubs or a combination of herbs and trees. This planting method forms a similar Flowerbed-like massive green space.
(3) Modular pattern type: this form of green space is generally planted in pieces, with a large area of ​​green space, and some meaningful patterns are arranged in the green space to give a neat and beautiful landscape, especially in the low-rise roof garden The internal layout, looking down from a high place, the effect is better.
(4) Nursery style: This style of garden is mainly found in some cities in southern my country. Residents often plant fruit trees and flowers in pots and place them on the roof in a row. This kind of place usually puts flower pots. The density is relatively large and the economic benefits are the main focus.
2. Natural Chinese Garden
This style of garden is characterized by its natural form, and its main features are reflected in the mountains and waters and plant communities of the natural world, with the main purpose of reflecting natural beauty.
3. Hybrid
This style of garden has the characteristics of the above two forms. The main feature is that the plants are planted naturally, and the shape of the planting pond is regular. This type of roof garden is the most common form.