General description of architectural design

According to the “Provisions on the Depth of Compilation of Construction Engineering Design Documents” (2003 edition), the construction drawing design description should include the following:
1 The basis documents, approval documents and related specifications for the construction drawing design of this subproject.
2 Project overview
The content should generally include the name of the building, construction location, construction unit, building area, building base area, building engineering grade, design service life, building floors and building height, fire protection building classification and fire resistance grade, civil air defense engineering protection grade, roofing Waterproof grade, basement waterproof grade, seismic fortification intensity, etc., as well as the main technical and economic indicators that can reflect the scale of the building, such as the type and number of residences (including the building area of ​​each set, the use area, and the balcony building area. The use area of ​​the room can be Mark in the floor plan), the number of guest rooms and the number of beds in the hotel, the number of outpatient visits in the hospital and the number of beds in the inpatient department, and the number of parking spaces in the garage.
3 Design elevation
The relationship between the relative elevation of this sub-item and the absolute elevation of the overall plan.
4 Material description and interior and exterior decoration
1) Materials and practices for walls, moisture barriers, basement waterproofing, roofing, exterior walls, feet, water dispersion, steps, ramps, paint, coatings, etc., can be explained in text or part of the text, and some are directly in the picture Quote or add index number;
2) In addition to text descriptions, the interior decoration part can also be expressed in the form of a table, and fill in the corresponding method or code on the table; more complex or higher-level civil buildings should be separately commissioned for interior decoration design; all parts that are secondary decoration may not List the decoration method table and carry out the interior construction drawing design, but when there are major changes to the original building design, structure and equipment design, the original design unit and the designer should be approved.
5 Instructions for the use of new technologies and new materials, as well as instructions for special architectural shapes and necessary architectural structures.
6 Door and window table (see Table 4.3.3-2) and design requirements for door and window performance (fire prevention, sound insulation, protection, wind pressure resistance, heat preservation, air penetration, rainwater penetration, etc.), materials, colors, glass, hardware, etc. .