Geomantic display of children’s desk

Geomantic display of children’s desk
Children’s desk geomantic omen 1. There should be support behind the desk
The desk should be backed by the back, which has a sense of security and is not easy to be disturbed. Besides self-effort, wisdom and opportunity, it is easy to be cared for by valuable people, cared by teachers or appreciated by superiors, which is conducive to the development of learning and career. Children’s desk bed should not be back against the door and window (decoration effect picture), as far as the environment is concerned, the desk is facing the window, so people are easily attracted by the scenery outside the window, and it is difficult to concentrate on work.
Feng Shui for children’s desk
People sit with their back on the door. The door is the mouth of Qi, which brings into the vitality, but also brings into the turbid Qi. People sit with their backs behind the door, and there is no support behind the seat. It is empty, which makes people lack of sense of security. There is always the danger of being attacked behind the back, which also makes people feel frightened and cold. In addition, will often be in a kind of vigilance from behind the unexpected tension, such a state is not conducive to learning and reading.
Children’s desk geomantic omen 3, desk lamp placement follows the principle of high mountains and low water
The desk lamp should be placed according to the pattern of high mountains and low water. If it is used by women, the white tiger position on the right should be strengthened, and important items should be placed on the right side; if it is a male, the white tiger position on the right hand should be low and quiet, and the bookcase on the left hand should be high and movable. Things like desk lamps with energy should be placed on the left. Such placement can improve the learning effect and is conducive to children’s learning.
Children’s desk Feng Shui 4, desk should not hang wind chime
Wind chime easily disturbs the mind, you can hang it near the desk, the wind chime is blown by the wind, there is a sound, not good for children’s night reading, and easy to attract bad breath.
Children’s desk Feng Shui 5, should not be the door Chong Sha this name criminals
The master’s mind is not concentrated, the spirit is not good, so it leads to poor test results, and adults are prone to make mistakes.
Children’s desk geomantic omen 6, should not be placed in the palace
This is the case of being helpless and helpless. It’s not going to be good either in school or in career.
Fengshui for children’s desk 7. Shape of children’s desk
Square desk stands for stability. Square desk is very stable and also represents integrity. It helps children to study steadily and upward and prevent falling.