Glass coffee table

Glass coffee table
Glass coffee table is convenient to clean and gives people a feeling of very fresh and brand, so it is more and more favored by the majority of customers. In fact, there are two kinds of glass tea table. One is the hot bending glass coffee table, which is tempered after high temperature hot bending, and has a beautiful arc shape. The whole body of the tea table is made of glass; the other is that the table top is made of toughened glass coffee table, supplemented by unique imitation gold plating accessories, electrostatic spraying steel pipe, stainless steel and other underframes, which are elegant, luxurious, simple and practical
Assembly method of glass coffee table
Simple glass coffee table assembly
In the assembly of glass coffee table, we should pay attention to the selection of installation site. When installing, it is better to put a soft cushion on the ground, because the glass is fragile and easy to be scratched. Secondly, we should prepare the tools used in the assembly of tea table, such as cross knife, shadowless glass glue, etc. Start assembly according to the manual. When the glass and other parts are spliced, use shadowless glass glue to paste. Pay attention to the angle and position of the bonding. Because it is difficult to change this process, attention must be paid to it.
Assembly of electrified glass coffee table
Electricity table, commonly known as luminous tea table, is commonly used in bars. And this kind of tea table mat contains luminous lamp tube. During the assembly of the tea table, pay attention to the internal wiring of the lamp tube in the coffee table pad, and assemble it according to the installation instructions. It is better to add a waterproof cover or waterproof glue at the gap position, so as to avoid the leakage accident caused by the liquor seeping into the line. This kind of glass coffee table assembly is also more complex, a little attention will affect the aesthetic feeling.
Stainless steel leg glass coffee table assembly
Stainless steel leg coffee table assembly is relatively easy and simple, but the process is relatively cumbersome, and the need for coffee table assembly tools is relatively more. Generally, before installation, it is necessary to prepare cross knife, slotted knife, pliers, two end wrench, etc., and then according to the requirements of the manual, assemble all parts of the stainless steel leg coffee table, and finally fine tune the screws to check the assembly quality of the coffee table and the firmness of the coffee table.
Complex glass coffee table assembly
First of all, the assembly site of the tea table should be in a flat and dry place, so as not to let the water vapor seep into the gap of the complicated glass coffee table during the assembly process, which will lead to mildew and deformation of the tea table. The ground should also be paved with soft blanket to prevent the complex glass surface from being scratched. According to the instruction manual, assemble the complex glass coffee table from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside. Each key chimeric part should be completed at one time to ensure that the connection part of the coffee table will not be loose.