Glass display cabinet maintenance

Glass display cabinet maintenance
1. Don’t wipe the glass display cabinet with hard objects to avoid scratching the glass surface, which makes the display cabinet look particularly ugly and has a bad impact on the display of goods;
2. Glass display cabinet is generally wiped with cloth, and the dirt that cannot be wiped off can be decontaminated with some special toughened glass cleaner;
3. Glass display cabinet is not recommended to be moved frequently because it is easy to crush personnel and be easily scratched; (generally, glass display cabinet is used for the counter of fixed place)
4. Glass display cabinet must not hit its four corners, although the hardness of tempered glass is large, it is easy to break it when you hit the four corners. This is because the four corners of toughened glass are scattered and there is no place to borrow force around, so the damage is directly arrived. However, it is difficult to break the center of the toughened glass because the surrounding atoms disperse the force when it is stressed, so it is not easy to break. This is the same as the window glass of the bus.
Size of glass display cabinet
General market high back cabinet: 1200 wide x (2000 ~ 2200 high) x (300 ~ 400 thick) low back cabinet: 1200 wide x (1350 ~ 1500 high) x 400 thick counter: (900 ~ 1200 wide) x 900 high x (400 ~ 500 thick) abnormal shape may not be possible, according to your specific site actual measurement design.