Green and gray decoration

Green-gray decoration refers to the decoration design with green + gray as the main color in the interior design

Green is a common color in nature. It is a color that is darker than that of young grass that has just grown, or is bright green, or that is between blue and yellow in the spectrum. Green is the mid-wavelength part of the visible light part of electromagnetic waves, with a wavelength of about 500-570 nm, one of the three primary colors of light. The opposite color of green is Magenta (magenta), not red as traditionally thought.
Gray (gray) first, like the color of wood ash; second, it is a metaphor for decadence and disappointment; third, it is a metaphor for an ambiguous attitude.
The combination of the two shows a natural scenery close to the ecology, and also represents the contradictory combination of vitality and indifferent; and neutral colors such as gray can create a restrained and reserved temperament.

Green-gray decoration Because green-gray is softer, it is often used in the decoration of elderly rooms.