Green decoration match

Green decoration, in fact, refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials for house decoration when decorating the house, and the use of materials that are conducive to environmental protection to minimize the harm to the environment. The interior of the renovated house can meet national standards, such as certain gas content, to ensure that the renovated house does not harm human health.

Green decoration Green, which has the effect of stabilizing emotions, is often used to decorate the room. It has the same visual contraction effect as blue,

will not produce a feeling of pressure in the room, and this color will not produce the feeling of temperature difference, even if it is used in large quantities, it will not feel cold.

The most basic color matching method is to unify the natural colors. Use a slightly darker tone to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Indoors, with less muddy and brighter green as the color, it will definitely feel fresh.

In order to bring out the bright green, you can also borrow the black effect. However, if you use black too much, it will appear heavy.

So the trick is to spread it out. Mature and stable-this kind of match is very suitable for Asian aesthetics.

Green decoration: Green is the main theme of the forest, full of vitality, can remind people of new life, youth, health and eternity, and is also a symbol of fairness, quietness, intelligence, and humility. It helps digestion and calmness, promotes body balance, and is good. It is very beneficial for the active and the physically and mentally stressed. The natural green color has a certain effect on overcoming syncope fatigue and negative emotions.