Ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pump is a brand-new heating and cooling technology, and its appearance has changed the original cooling and heating situation. At present, the maturity of my country’s ground source heat pump technology is still very low, and there is a large gap with Europe and the United States and other countries. Therefore, understanding the ground source heat pump is a necessary condition for the promotion of this technology.

Ground source heat pumps can integrate heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water. A ground source heat pump can replace the original three sets of heating boilers, refrigeration and air conditioning and domestic hot water heating devices or systems, thereby increasing Economy. Below, we will comprehensively analyze the working principle of ground source heat pumps from three aspects: summer, transition season and winter.
Ground source heat pump provides air-conditioning refrigeration and domestic hot water in summer
Summer: The ground-source heat pump air-conditioning unit diagram is to bury the heat exchanger in the ground, and circulate water in a closed loop composed of high-strength plastic pipes (PE pipes) to achieve the purpose of cold and heat exchange with the earth’s soil , To achieve indoor fan-coil cooling, while the waste heat generated by the unit is used to produce domestic hot water for free on the one hand, and on the other hand to transfer the heat to the underground to cool the room and store heat for winter use.
Ground source heat pump provides domestic hot water in transition season
Transition season: When the ground source heat pump unit is operating, in winter, the soil heat exchanger absorbs low-grade heat energy from the underground vertical buried pipe loop, and then uses the compressor system to upgrade the low-grade energy to high-grade energy, producing 45- 50℃ continuous domestic hot water.
Ground source heat pump provides floor heating and domestic hot water in winter
Winter: The underground heat pump system transfers the heat in the soil to the room through closed pipelines buried in the ground, and releases it to the room through the end of the indoor heating and air conditioning at a higher temperature, and can use floor heating, fan coils and other facilities for heating , And can provide domestic hot water; at the same time, it stores cold energy for summer use. The earth soil provides a good free energy storage source, so that the seasonal conversion of energy is realized.