Heating system maintenance

1. Every two quarters, check whether all the instruments are accurate and usable, and the pressure gauges should be disassembled and sent to the local technical supervision department for monitoring.
2. Manual operation procedures: monitor whether various valves correspond to the correct positions, and readjust if there is a deviation.
3. Check the heating facilities regularly every year for cracks, open welding or deformation.
4. Open the upper seal and lower seam of the resin tank regularly every year, take out the resin and clean, screen, etc. If there is broken resin, you need to refill with new resin.
5. It is necessary to check the upper, lower and inner parts of the heat exchange tank to see if there is any damage. If there is any damage, please perform maintenance.
6. Heat exchange tanks, tubular heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers all have certain operating parameters. We can maintain and maintain damaged equipment based on these parameters.
7. Check whether the sealing rubber gasket of each equipment is aging in time. If it does, please replace it immediately.
8. Regularly check the pipeline for damaged insulation and glass mesh. If there is a problem, please replace it in time.
9. Regularly maintain whether the bolts of heating facilities are corroded.
10. The parts of each valve need to be maintained every year.
11. The water pump needs to be maintained once during the year.