Height matching of living room space

The style of the raised living room

1. As the name suggests, the high-floor space is a space that is higher than the general house type, including the 3m6, 4m2, 5m8 and other house types that we often see now, which are all high-floor spaces. The height of the ceiling space must be based on the structure to see whether the house type has the conditions for the height of the ceiling, because in the current era of large amounts of money, many homeowners may not accept the type of ceiling height. The height also means that part of the space is not functional. Planning in a sexual way adds a broader view. If it is a single-family house, such as a villa, the form of high ceilings will be expressed in different ways, such as the lighting planning of skylights.

2. There is no established way for the elevated position. You can choose it in the living room, dining room, or even the bedroom. It depends entirely on the owner’s needs before planning where the elevated position should be placed. For example, I put a large staircase in the elevated position. It is also extended with reference to the needs of the homeowner. Now this staircase is the homeowner’s favorite space, and life changes due to space.

The matching trend of high-rise living room

1. In fact, a certain form of heightening seems to have a soothing effect or a kind of dream-like satisfaction, because heightening itself does not have a substantial function, but by raising the height and visual extension, the soul can be precipitated and reduced. effect. I am currently planning a long-shaped old house. Three skylights are opened on the roof, and the sun is letting down. Not only does it give enough light, but the light and shadow flow over time to make it more interesting.

2. The location of the elevated space does not have to be in the living room, but it is best to choose a location near the large window. That is to say, the position near the window is the best for lighting. If it is elevated, the light can fully enter the house. The condition of wasting large windows.

3. The height of the ceiling is mostly determined in the living room, because the living room is the focus of family members’ activities. In fact, most of the activities of the members are in the dining room. You can also raise the height of the dining room. Of course, you can also raise all the heights without mezzanine. Just accept it.

4. Raising height is mainly a desire for space, otherwise, it would be a pity that there are so many spaces without practical functional design. However, raising height space allows people living here to get greater adjustments in their body and mind. In some respects, it is more valuable than the pressure-relieving effect.

5. The location is not the most important thing. It mainly depends on the house type conditions and requirements. I have also placed the high ceiling in the storage space. As long as the structural conditions are okay, it can meet the needs and functions of the moving line. There is actually no standard.

6. The high ceiling space may be targeted at several areas. For example, the kitchen and bathroom may need to plan the ceiling. Other spaces can be used as high ceiling spaces. Not only the guest dining room and study room are high ceiling spaces, but also the bedroom, creating a completely different sleep experience .

Tips for selecting living room lamps

Nowadays, when visiting the Lighting City, a wide range of lamps and lanterns are becoming fascinating. For example, [1] How to choose a suitable lamp for each room is a knowledge that we must study during the decoration process.

Make the living room changeable

The living room plays multiple roles in modern homes. It is not only a place to receive guests, but also a place for the owner to relax, and it can also serve as a family’s audio-visual paradise. In this way, if the lighting in the living room is a large chandelier that is unchanging in the traditional sense, it will look a little out of harmony.

The ideal living room lighting changes with the occasion. When receiving guests, the soft yellow light creates a relaxed atmosphere for the communication between the guest and the host; when you have a leisure time to read, you need that kind of faint blue, so that the impetuous mood during the day will slowly settle and eliminate the fatigue of the day; the audio and video enjoyment of the two , Of course, it’s best to be romantic purple. The lighting seems to be absent. It is no longer important whether the movie is wonderful or not. It is the happiest thing to embrace your favorite person and greet every morning in the dreamy lighting.

Give the bedroom tricks

The light in the bedroom should not be too bright, otherwise it will drive drowsiness. The requirements for lighting are soft and warm, which helps us relax and enter our dreams. Therefore, the bedroom lamps and lanterns play a decorative role.

The crystal beaded bed lamp, the soft light is dim and charming under the refraction of the crystal, and it must be quite popular with the hostess; the night light used for night lighting is a porcelain lotus budding, faint and elegant; simple and simple The beige sheepskin ceiling lamp perfectly sets off the light-colored floral wallpaper in the bedroom, which is a beautiful pastoral style. Sleeping in such an elegant situation must be a very comfortable enjoyment.