High and low bed design

High and low bed design
1. Creative high and low bed design
You may not expect this design to be beautiful and practical even after a large room is divided into four relatively independent beds. The walls in each space are designed with a fresh and pleasant green background wall.
Have you ever seen such a stylish design of high and low beds, apple green and white form the main visual experience, and the indoor light is relatively sufficient, which well sets off the fresh style of the high and low beds.
This kind of bedroom design also makes full use of the advantages of higher floor heights. The space against the wall is designed as a side-by-side four-bed design, and the remaining large space is more than enough to design wardrobes and meeting spaces.
This kind of high and low bed design resembles a princess’s little castle. The European-style shape is rounded with a little naughty. The ladder design leading to the upper bed also abandons the conventional design, and the irregular shape makes this room more attractive.
2. Practical high and low bed design
The overall design of the white high and low bed looks concise, but also has the characteristics of Nordic style. Due to the limitation of the height, the bed board of the lower bed is directly placed on the floor, and the decoration of the cat’s paw print next to it is also very interesting.
Pointed roofs are not common nowadays, but the attic also has this design, the same space is half the area, and the utilization rate is indeed quite high.
No living room space? Just raise the bed. In this way, the small space is complete. The living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom can all be concentrated in this small space.