High ceiling study style

1. As the name implies, the high-floor space is a space higher than the general house type, including the 3m6, 4m2, 5m8 and other house types that we often see now, which are all high-floor spaces. The height of the ceiling space must be based on the structure to see whether the house type has the conditions for the height of the ceiling, because in the current era of large amounts of land, many homeowners may not accept the type of ceiling height. The height also means that part of the space is not functional. Planning in a sexual way adds a broader view. If it is a single-family house, such as a villa, the form of high ceilings will be expressed in different ways, such as the lighting planning of skylights.
2. There is no established way for the elevated position. You can choose it in the living room, dining room, or even the bedroom. It depends entirely on the owner’s needs before planning where the elevated position should be placed. For example, I put a large staircase in the elevated position. It is also extended with reference to the needs of the homeowner. Now this staircase is the homeowner’s favorite space, and life changes due to space.