High ceiling study with fashion trends

Fashion trend of matching high study room
1. In fact, a certain form of heightening seems to have a soothing effect or a kind of dream-like satisfaction, because heightening itself does not have a substantial function, but by raising the height and visual extension, the soul can be precipitated and reduced. effect. I am currently planning a long-shaped old house. Three skylights are opened on the roof, and the sun is letting down. Not only does it give enough light, but the light and shadow flow over time to make it more interesting.
2. The location of the elevated space does not have to be in the living room, but it is best to choose a location near the large window. That is to say, the position near the window is the best for lighting. If it is elevated, the light can fully enter the house, and it will not The condition of wasting large windows.
3. The height of the ceiling is mostly determined in the living room, because the living room is the focus of family members’ activities. In fact, most of the activities of the members are in the dining room. You can also raise the ceiling in the dining room. Of course, you can also raise all the heights without mezzanine. Just accept it.