High-end office decoration design

Precautions for high-end office decoration design
1. Pay attention to reasonable planning of space when designing
High-end office space planning should be comprehensive and reasonable. Generally speaking, a modern high-end office consists of the following parts: reception area, meeting room, pantry, manager’s office, financial room, employee office area, personnel office, etc. In the layout, it is necessary to meet the convenience and optimization of functions of the organization and function of each indoor space.
2. Pay attention to the selection and use of decorative materials
For some key indoor spaces, attention should be paid to material selection. For example, for the reception area, meeting room and other spaces, the use of decorative materials such as aluminum gussets can not only increase the sense of fashion in the space, but also make some changes in the shape.
The wall material can also choose some bright colors, high-end wallpaper to replace paint. On the ground, decorative materials such as stone, wooden floor, and carpet are used to enhance the corporate image.
3. Pay attention to the furniture layout in the office
In addition to choosing concise and high-end types of office furniture, attention should also be paid to keeping the daily clean and tidy. In high-end offices, it is also best to achieve the same overall seat orientation. This is a demonstration of the centripetal power of an enterprise.
In addition, the layout of furniture should focus on etiquette. The position of the position should be careful not to turn your back to the guests. The seat selection should also avoid the type of shaking and sliding to ensure the seriousness of the conversation atmosphere and respect for people.
4. Pay attention to space safety
When decorating and designing high-end offices, safety issues must be carefully considered. First of all, it is necessary to do a good job of electrical integrated wiring. In addition to burying part of the lines in the walls and ceilings, part of them can also be used for ground wiring using wire troughs. Secondly, relevant safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc., should be comprehensively arranged, and daily inspections should be done.