Home design essentials

1. Brilliant and exaggerated colors Bright splicing fabrics are full of personality, pure white cotton bedding softens the exaggerated colors, dots, abstract patterns, and strong colors are left in a large area, balancing the complex and simple temperament . Gorgeous colors, imaginative interesting patterns, and various color blocks with distinct levels on the wall make a peaceful life more joyful and random.
Key points of pop art style home design: 2. Strong color contrast    In strong color contrast, the appropriate white embellishment balances the color relationship of the space, and the soft fabric makes the tough room more comfortable. Large-scale decorative mirrors and blue lacquered side cabinets have become the highlights of the entire room, giving the home a sense of sensibility and vitality. Color blocks extracted from pop stripes have been scattered in every corner of the restaurant: dark red table mats, transparent purple cup-shaped dining chairs, striped carpets, colorful small objects in the bookcase at the end, and colorful decorative paintings.  Pop art style home design key points:
3. Bright and dazzling artistic atmosphere    Pop is the abbreviation of Popular, which means pop art and popular art. Consumer culture provides visual resources such as advertisements, trademarks, film and television images, cover girls, singers and movie stars, fast food, cartoons and comics. These images are directly added to the screen to form a unique artistic style—pop art. In terms of design, Pop style is not a simple and consistent style, but a mixture of various styles. He pursues popular and popular taste, opposes the pretentious nobility of modernism, and emphasizes novelty in design. And unique, and boldly adopt gaudy colors. Bright and eye-catching colors convey humor and happiness. Pop style interprets a new round of fashion themes, bringing people a refreshing home life. The flower-patterned wallpaper is bold and warm, and only choose one wall to lay, avoiding too many colors to make the room appear noisy. While a simple mirror on the plain white wall reflects the details of the room, it also enhances the depth of the space. The artistic pop style, even if people stay at home for a long time, they will never feel lonely and irritable.