Home improvement design considerations

1. Contrast
Contrast is the basic shaping technique of artistic design. Comparing two different things, shapes, colors, etc. is called contrast. Such as radius, new and old, size, black and white, depth, thickness, etc. Put two apparently opposite elements in the same space, through design, make them both opposite and harmonious, both contradictory and unified, obtain a sharp contrast in the strong contrast, and seek the effect of complementarity and satisfaction.
Symmetry is a traditional technique of formal beauty, and it is the earliest form of beauty that mankind has mastered. Symmetry is divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry. Symmetry up and down, left and right, the same shape, color, and homogeneity are called absolute symmetry. The relative symmetry is adopted in the interior design. Symmetry gives people the beauty of order, dignity, neatness, and harmony.
Three, harmony
Harmony contains the meaning of harmony. On the premise of meeting the functional requirements, it makes the combination of shape, color, light and quality of various indoor objects harmonized and becomes a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into the harmony of environment and shape, the harmony of material texture, the harmony of color, the harmony of style, etc. Harmony can make people obtain peaceful and peaceful satisfaction visually and psychologically.
Four, balance
The golden rooster is independent in life. The actors walk a tightrope, giving people a stable visual art enjoyment from the balance of force, and allowing people to obtain a visual balance. The balance is the configuration of shapes, components, and colors according to the central axis and the center point. Comparing balanced and symmetrical forms, there is a lively, vivid, harmonious and beautiful charm.
5, echo
Echoes are like shadows. In the interior design, the ceiling, the ground tabletop and other parts, adopting the method of echoing, the treatment of the shape will play a corresponding role. Correspondence belongs to the form of balanced beauty, which is a common technique in various arts. Correspondence also has “corresponding symmetry” and “relative symmetry”, and generally uses image correspondence, virtual reality and momentum to achieve the artistic effect of echoing.