Hot pot table making method

Are you interested in making a hot pot table by yourself? It is not a thing to make a hot pot table by yourself! As long as you prepare the tools for the hot pot table, the materials for the hot pot table, and a wrench, you can do it, don’t worry about not making it! You have used a hot pot table to make a hot pot and you know how it looks like. It saves money to make your favorite hot pot table. It doesn’t take you much time to make a perfect hot pot table. That’s it! Don’t try it soon!

hot pot table refers to the dining table with its own heating equipment, which is the main “equipment” of hot pot catering enterprises. With the continuous development of hot pot catering, China’s Shanghai Longmei Industrial hot pot table is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The rise of hot pot tables such as charcoal stove hot pot tables, wood fire stove hot pot tables, induction cooker hot pot tables, etc. After entering the 21st century, with the development of the economy and people’s lives With the provision of water products, more and more high-end hotels and hot pot restaurants begin to use environmentally friendly and energy-saving hot pot induction cooker products to heat and cook food! In order to make the hot pot induction cooker combined with the dining table more beautiful and high-end, the hot pot induction cooker dining table is in demand. It was born and quickly recognized by the market. Now the hot pot induction cooker table is a must-have for high-end hot pot restaurants and hotels!

The following four methods for making hot pot tables are the most commonly used polyester type, which is suitable for use in many places. But the price is relatively speaking, not too high. The performance is relatively stable, economical and durable. It is the best choice for all kinds of restaurants, restaurants, small and medium-sized restaurant chain outside halls to make tables!    artificial marble materials are generally divided into the following types:   1, resin-based artificial marble, most of this hot pot table is made of trees Ester is the binder, which is stirred and mixed with all kinds of quartz sand, marble and calcite, and then cast into a shape. Under the action of the curing agent, it will be cured, and it will be produced by demoulding, drying, polishing and other processes. 2. Cement type hot pot table, this kind of marble is made of various cement or lime, fine sand as binder, sand as fine bone meal, broken marble, granite, after batching, mixing, forming, pressure steaming, polishing, Made by polishing, etc.  3, composite hot pot table, this kind of artificial marble adhesive has various inorganic materials and organic polymer materials. To make it polymerize under certain conditions, for the board, the bottom layer is made of cheap and stable inorganic materials, and the surface layer is made of polyester and    marble powder.  4, sintered hot pot table: the sintering method is similar to the ceramic process. Mix plagioclase, quartz, pyroxene, calcite powder and hematite powder and part of the territory, etc. The general ratio is 35% clay and 65% stone powder. The billet is prepared by the mud method, and is formed by the semi-dry pressing method. The kiln is roasted at a high temperature of about 800°C.

Now I have a certain understanding of hot pot table making, and its making process is relatively simple. As long as you are ready to use the materials, you can quickly complete a hot pot table. Put the hot pot table made by yourself in the big hot pot at home, it is exactly the same as the ones sold outside, maybe it is much stronger than the hot pot table outside. Others seem to think it is a new one. The method is very simple, it doesn’t cost you too much money, and it doesn’t take you too much time to finish the hot pot table making soon.