Hotel furniture

Hotel furniture
Hotel furniture, is a hotel engineering project, hotel engineering project design and indoor environment for supporting design, need to directly consider the harmony of indoor function and environment. In addition, according to the different star requirements, the style requirements are different. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel dining room furniture, hotel fixed furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc.
What are the differences between hotel furniture and civil furniture
1、 Differences in design concepts
Civil furniture has a distinctive personal color, completely according to the owner’s preferences. Hotel furniture should also be determined according to the hotel style. Although different hotel styles are different, the furniture design should have the characteristics of both refined and popular tastes. Because the customers who come to consume are from all over the world, we should pay more attention to humanization in the details of furniture design. For example, the square bedside table should be made into small rounded corners as far as possible to prevent customers from accidentally hitting their heads.
Some power control switches should be placed as far as possible in the place that people can reach when lying on the bed. Power sockets and computer network sockets are installed in the writing table or drawer. The guest rooms are neat and clean, and the guests are safe and convenient to use. There are relatively more European and American guests in high star hotels. Most of them are tall, and the height of some beds can be appropriately increased, such as sofa and chair So it is. Hotel furniture line requirements simple and clear, as far as possible to use concave and convex lines, convenient for waiters cleaning; civil furniture technology can be considered more complex.
2、 Differences in materials
Hotel furniture is more damaged than civil furniture, and customers have different levels of care for furniture. Therefore, there are great differences in material requirements
1. Hotel furniture is suitable for use with high hardness, wear-resistant, good scratch resistance decorative furniture, guest room tea table, writing desk, etc., guests often smoke here, accidentally will scald the furniture surface, the design should try to consider the fire performance of the table top, can have the decorative material or glass with fire resistance performance; and civil furniture generally does not need to consider this. Flame retardant should be considered for the fabric of armchair, and it is not necessary for civil furniture.
2. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of hotel furniture is better; and the bathroom of the hotel is mostly together with the guest room, affected by wet towel, steam, seasonal change, etc., it will cause furniture deformation, edge peeling off, mildew, etc., which will affect the appearance of furniture, damage the image of the Hotel, and directly affect the occupancy rate of the hotel; while the civil furniture is relatively low.
3、 The difference between maintenance
Hotel furniture is more difficult to maintain than civil furniture. The owners of civil furniture care about their property and use it carefully. They can wax furniture at intervals; However, the workload of cleaning hotel furniture is heavy, and it is difficult to wax solid wood hotel furniture. Moreover, if the furniture is not cleaned thoroughly before waxing, the surface of furniture will be blurred and the clarity will be reduced. Once the furniture is waxed, it will be more difficult to repair the damaged furniture. Coloring and painting are difficult to absorb. Therefore, new hotel furniture should not be waxed. The furniture of Zhengmei hotel is made of imitation solid wood without painting process. After special waterproof treatment, the furniture is fireproof, wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, without wax and easy to maintain.