House decoration process

House decoration step process one, pre-design
The same is construction. The difference between humans and bees is that the construction of bees is a reflection of instinct, and before humans build, they first form ideas and frameworks in their minds. Therefore, if you compare home improvement to a battle, then the pre-design of home improvement is the “operation plan” of this battle, and the “soul link” of home improvement.
In the preliminary design, one thing the students must do is to take a detailed measurement of their own room. Don’t be lazy. It’s best to measure it yourself. The content of the measurement mainly includes
1. Clarify the area involved in the decoration process. Especially the tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, and floor area.
2. Clarify the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, it is necessary to design the wall size of the furniture.
House decoration step process two, main body demolition
Entering the construction stage, the main body demolition and modification is the first project, which mainly includes demolition of walls, wall laying, shoveling of walls, demolition of heating, replacement of plastic steel windows and so on. To put it bluntly, the main body dismantling and reforming is to put up the frame of the construction site first.
Family house decoration process steps
House decoration step process three, hydropower transformation
Before the water circuit transformation, the main structure dismantling and modification should be basically completed. Between the two links of hydropower transformation and main body demolition, some students may know that the first measurement of the cabinet should also be carried out. In fact, the so-called first measurement of the cabinet has no actual content, because the wall and the floor are not processed, the cabinet designer cannot give specific design dimensions, but only the water inlet and range hood socket reserved by the developer. Location, make some relevant suggestions. mainly includes:
1. Check whether the position of the range hood socket affects the installation of the range hood in the future;
2. Check whether the location of the water meter is appropriate;
3. Check if the location of the water inlet is convenient for installing the sink later.
For the first measurement of the cabinet, students with a little experience can complete it by themselves. After the waterway renovation is completed, it is best to waterproof the bathroom immediately. Kitchens generally do not need to be waterproofed.