Housing reconstruction and reinforcement method

Reinforcement method of house reconstruction:
Reinforcement is generally divided into two categories, one is direct reinforcement and the other is indirect reinforcement. And it is divided into many methods, the editor lists all of them below.
1. Enlarged section reinforcement method: This method has simple construction technology, strong adaptability, and mature design and construction experience; it can be used for concrete reinforcement of beams, slabs, columns, walls and structures; but the operation time is long, It has a certain impact on life or production, and the reinforced building has a certain impact on clearance.
2. Concrete reinforcement method: This method is similar to the advantages of the enlarged section method, and does not affect the gap of the reinforced structure, and does not have the disadvantage of long wet working time of construction; suitable for low-strength concrete or reinforced concrete load-bearing member beams, The column is seriously defective.
3. Outsourcing bonding steel reinforcement method: This method is also called wet layer reinforcement method, which is simple in construction and small in workload, but uses a large amount of steel. It should not be used in unprotected places with high temperatures above 600 ℃ Where the size does not allow to significantly increase the cross-sectional size of the original member, but it is required to greatly increase the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete structure.
4. Sticking steel plate reinforcement method: rapid construction, no wet operation on site or wet gypsum operation, little impact on production and life, the gap of the original structure appearance after reinforcement has no obvious effect, but the reinforcement effect depends largely on Gluing technology and operating level; suitable for bending and tensile members withstand static function and normal humidity environment or steel bar.
5. Wire winding method: The advantages and disadvantages of this method are similar to those of the enlarged section method, and are not suitable for the load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures with oblique cross-sections, or occasions where lateral compression members need to be combined.
6. Anchor bolt anchoring method: This method is suitable for the transformation and reinforcement of the load-bearing structure of concrete with concrete strength grade of C20 ~ C60; it is not suitable for the above-mentioned structures and light structures with severe weathering.
7. Anti-rust and anti-rust reinforcement method: It is mainly used to prevent and prevent rusting of steel original expansion structure technology when steel corrosion occurs or the use conditions of old buildings under new buildings.