How about African pear wood furniture?

How about African pear wood furniture?
Want African pear wood furniture maintenance work is easy and smooth, then make sure that the ground is flat, do not put in the state of often shaking instability, a long time will make the bridging head loose, bonding part cracked, paint off and so on. Away from the sun, furniture for a long time to withstand the sun, will make the paint yellow, may be brittle damage. Avoid moisture, moisture will make the wood decay, bonding parts easy to open the glue, put in a ventilated position is better.
In fact, yahua pear refers to not a single kind of wood, but a kind of wood collective name. The wood of the genus ebony is divided into three categories: eucalyptus wood, pear wood (the national standard of “redwood” specially marked, purple sandalwood genus. Non-purple sandalwood and pear wood non-redwood called asian pears. There are more than twenty kinds of Yahua pear wood. The nature of these more than two dozen kinds of wood is close to that of pear wood, but it can not fully meet the standards required for pear wood in the national standard in terms of density, so it is called yahua pear.
There are two common sub-pears on the market today, African eucalyptus (commonly known as Indian sorbite pears) and Angolan eucalyptus (commonly known as Khmer wood), both of which are also known as African alfalmeal pears. These two types of wood because of the pipe hole diameter is relatively small and is classified as sub-flower pear wood, the market is also known as grass pear or African sub-flower pear. In addition, the market also saw the so-called Vietnamese pear wood furniture, this kind of furniture is indeed bought from Vietnam, but its texture is similar to Khmer wood. Wood density is lower than, according to the “National Standard” provisions, can not be called pear wood.


Do African pear trees smell?
The African pear wood itself contains some sour odor and is harmless to humans. This taste can be processed off, any wood with flavor will be lost over time, the same sour odor, the general large factory will be steamed and then used, and then sealed wood pipe holes in the paint, so as not to affect the use.