How about mahogany desk

Because of its slow growth, mahogany usually takes hundreds of thousands of years to become a wood, which shows the preciousness of mahogany and its high value. Owning a mahogany office work is often a symbol of status and status. The density of mahogany is very high, and it can carry more information than other woods. Therefore, mahogany is also closely related to Feng Shui.

How about mahogany desk
1. Mahogany furniture
It is well known that mahogany is not a clearly defined name of a tree species like pine, but a uniform name. It represents the rare high-quality hardwood used to make furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The range of mahogany is very light. It includes 5 genera and 8 categories. Generally, we think the best mahogany is rosewood, rosewood and black rosewood. The main producing area of red sandalwood is India; rosewood is mainly distributed in tropical countries around the world; black rosewood is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical countries around the world.
2. How about the mahogany desk
Because of the unique growth environment and conditions of mahogany, mahogany is a scarce resource in the world, so mahogany furniture is very precious. If there is a desk in the office, this not only represents a business vision, but also a kind of life The taste.