How about the terrazzo ground

1. The preliminary preparations are mainly the preparation of construction materials and the clarification of operating conditions.
2. Clear process flow:
Treatment, moistening the base layer → ashing cake, making reinforcement → wiping the leveling layer → curing → mosaic grid strip → laying cement gravel slurry → curing test grinding → grinding the first time and supplementing the slurry → grinding the second time and supplementing the slurry →Grinding for the third time and curing→Peroxalic acid waxing and polishing
Three, perform operations
1. Make a leveling layer
Use 1:3 dry hard cement mortar for the leveling layer, first flatten the mortar, and then use a pressure ruler to flatten the ribs, and then use a wooden trowel to smooth and compact.
2. Inlaid grids
Use pure cement paste to smear the lower part of the grid into a long seat with eight-character horns and insert firmly, and the iron wire through which the copper strip is worn should be buried. The application height of the pure cement slurry is 3~5mm lower than the grid strips. The grid strips should be inlaid firmly, the joints should be tight, and the top surface should be on the same plane. Check the flatness and straightness through the line.
3. Wipe the stone slurry surface layer
The mud and gravel slurry must be measured in strict accordance with the mixing ratio. The gravel slurry surface must be swept with a wool at least twice to open the surface slurry to check the uniformity of the stone particles, and then flatten and compact with an iron trowel until the slurry spreads. The corrugations are required to be flattened, and the stones on the top surface of the grid bars should be removed.
4. Polish
For large-area construction, it is advisable to use a mechanical grindstone to grind. Small areas and corners can be grinded with a small portable grinder. When mechanical grinds are not available, manual grinding can be used.
·Terrazzo floor price
The price of terrazzo floor construction varies from region to region. The price of terrazzo floor construction mainly depends on the worker’s wages and the price of raw materials. Consumers can go to the local building materials store for detailed consultation on the price of materials. Generally, terrazzo The floor material plus labor cost is about 30 yuan/square.