How long can the new house be moved in after renovation

1. How long can pregnant women stay in the newly renovated house?
The later the better, at least three months or more, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The first three months are when the baby is the most unstable. Toxic pollutants are not good for the health of adults and children. After half a year, if there is not so much time to wait, it is best to open the windows every day and put some aloe vera, activated charcoal and other things that can easily absorb toxic gases. For pregnant people, pay attention to all aspects. After all, it is very harmful to the fetus. It is affected, so the newly renovated house should be moved in as late as possible.
2. How long can a baby stay in a newly renovated house?
It’s better to put a baby in a newly renovated house after 6 months. I used to have a 2-year-old baby in my neighbor’s house. I moved in 3 and a half months after the new renovation. After 2 months, I kept coughing. Later, the doctor asked if it was related to the new decoration. It was suspected that it was related to the decoration, because the baby paid much attention to the choice of decoration materials, but the result was still sick. After the decoration, it is recommended to ventilate and open the doors and windows. It is recommended to put more green plants. , It is best to buy an air purifier, if children stay, it is recommended to stay in half a year later.