How much is the renovation of the old house

1. Design: The first thing to be determined when decorating is to customize one or several suitable plans, and choose the grade you can afford, high-end, mid-range or low-end. The design fee includes planning, which generally accounts for 5%-20% of the entire renovation cost. The planning and design process requires reasonable layout and proper distribution, and do not allow the subsequent construction to reuse labor and materials.
2. Materials: After making the decoration plan, we must start to choose materials according to the design. The current decoration materials are already productized and streamlined, and decoration has become a model. In fact, it is a combination. In order to find a suitable price, it is necessary to run several building materials markets to find a good combination of materials and prices. Materials are a large part of the cost of home improvement, and adulteration of materials occurs from time to time. Therefore, try to be cautious in the selection process and do not buy some unbranded products to avoid encountering parallel imports.
3. Price-exploration and bargaining: After finding suitable and favorite materials, you need to conduct price-exploration. Merchants often offer quite high prices and claim that they are cheap. At this time, you can take out the approximate market price and its bargaining price that you have found in the previous step, and explore its reserve price.
4. Determine the price and contract: After confirming the approximate cost of the design plan and materials, you can contact some decorators. You must first consult some professionals, introduce a more reliable decorator, and sign a contract with them. The content of the contract should include the materials used, the designated brand and the price agreed by both parties. The more specific the better, to avoid future disputes.
5. Total budget: On the basis of the design and asking the price, work with the decorator to estimate the cost of the entire decoration process, including design, materials, construction costs, etc.
6. Time preparation: Renovation is a big expense after all. It is necessary to spare enough time before the decoration to make sure that the design, materials, price and budget are all in place. The more fully prepared, the faster the decoration can be.