How to buy glass tea table

How to buy glass tea table
1. Choose from the appearance. The appearance of household glass tea table is of course the most important. When choosing, we should carefully choose patterns and styles according to personal preferences, and pay attention to the matching relationship with home decoration style, so as to integrate it with the home environment.
2. Choose from the details. We should pay attention to whether the glass coffee table has edges and corners. If there are old people and children in the family, try not to buy glass tea table with clear edges and corners, which may bring threat to the elderly and children. Therefore, the best choice for the corner of the glass coffee table is round.
3. Select from the material. The glass of household glass tea table is toughened glass, and its compression resistance is very strong. Tempered glass is usually engraved with the English font of “temporary glass” on the bottom of the glass. If there is no such English font, it means that the glass is not toughened.
4. Select from the storage function. Some glass tea table looks very beautiful, but the storage effect is very poor. Too much stuff will make the desktop look messy. It’s meaningless not to put things, just as decorations. Therefore, we must choose a good storage effect in the selection of glass coffee table.
5. Select from the structure performance. When buying a glass coffee table, you must check its load-bearing capacity. If the glass coffee table has no good load-bearing capacity and things are placed too much, it will shake. This is a problem with the structure of the tea table. In the purchase can shake a tea table, if the sound of squeak, it is best not to buy.