How to buy soundproof doors

As the name implies, a soundproof door is a kind of decorative door that can play a sound insulation effect. In order to achieve the effect of sound insulation, it is generally required to use sound-absorbing materials to make the door leaf, and the door seam is sealed with a sponge rubber strip and other elastic materials to achieve the effect of sound insulation. It is used in rooms with sound insulation requirements such as audiovisual rooms, broadcasting rooms, and conference rooms.
How to buy soundproof doors
No soundproof door panel
The door partition is not soundproof and mainly depends on the door panel. The sound insulation effect of the door panel mainly depends on the filling of the inner core of the door. Generally speaking, the molded soundproof door is filled with honeycomb structure paper base. The airtight layer formed by it can play a good sound insulation effect. This kind of door can achieve a sound insulation effect of 29 decibels.
Good sound insulation and light weight
The most ideal soundproof door should also have the characteristics of light weight. Is it possible to use a 4 cm thick steel plate for the door panel, or pour cement into the door panel to achieve a higher sound insulation effect? ​​In this way, although the sound insulation effect is achieved, the weight of the door panel will increase, and the door hinges and hinges will be burdened. It is too heavy to switch easily, which affects the use of functions.
The pattern on the door panel can absorb sound
In addition to the sound insulation function, the soundproof door should also have a certain sound absorption effect. A careful person will find that most door panels have simple or complex patterns on both sides. These patterns can absorb sound and prevent sound reflection. Because if the door panel is very smooth, the sound waves in the room will be completely reflected by the door panel, causing noise.