How to choose a bedside stool

How to choose a bedside stool
1. Seat cushion: Does it fit your body when you sit down, and when you stand up, you can quickly regain the original shape
2. Is the chassis stable: just sit on it and shake it left and right a few times to see if there is a rhythm.
Three, choose the material: If the stool surface is made of short plush fabric, you can touch the surface with your hands to see if it is lint, and if the touched surface is pilling. If it is a cotton stool surface, it should be smooth and not irritating to the touch. If it is wood, it should be checked for splitting, moth-eaten, decay, or scarring.
Fourth, look at the frame: If it is a wooden frame, it is best to use a mortise and tenon; other places can use wood screws. Sofas whose internal frames are all nailed together should not be purchased;
5. Look at the craftsmanship: details determine success or failure. Carefully observe the corners and seams of the product to know whether the craftsmanship is fine.
product cost and brand knowledge
The brands that produce bed-end stools in the market include: Nuojie, Language of the Tree, Changda Kent, Huayuanxuan, Jinfuya, Ouyibao, Yisli, Mingjiangxuan, Charlotte, Freestyle, MJ, MKES, Brands such as FINE, Koala, Boniburg, Imperial Artisan, and Vans Mansion are all priced from 2 to 5 thousand, and there are also tens of thousands of international famous products. There are also good cost-effective products between 200-500 yuan on the Internet, and you can consider them.