How to choose a coffee table

How to choose a coffee table
The coffee table has many functions, you can place books, magazines, drinks and food, and even play games on it. Usually the coffee table is placed in the center of the living room. Adults will unconsciously put their feet on it, and children will use it as a drawing board. To maintain the integrity of the living room, you might as well choose a coffee table that suits your home style.
Before buying, you must carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure the size of the coffee table required. If you have a large living room, you need a large coffee table. In addition, one end of the coffee table can be placed with a bench, and the other end can be placed with two small stools to make up for the gap.
Family with children or often entertaining guests, a coffee table with edges is the best choice, in case food, snacks, wine, coffee, etc. are scattered on the carpet. The height of the coffee table should also be the same as the height of the surrounding sofa cushions. The height of the coffee table should not be higher than the height of the cushion, otherwise it is not convenient to hold the cup. The height of the coffee table is usually 60cm.
The fabric coffee table will lead people’s attention to the surrounding furniture. The rose red fabric coffee table here makes the living room stylish and comfortable. The white tray on the desktop will soften the visual impact of rose red. Of course, when choosing this kind of coffee table, you should pay attention to the choice of fabric. Waterproof and antifouling outdoor materials will be more suitable. Avoid linen cloth and fabrics with high content of rayon or viscose fiber to ensure that once it is covered by wine or coffee Pollution, the coffee table can also be cleaned.
In the living room, choose such a black soft stool as the coffee table, so that this colorful living room adds a calm temperament. The height of the coffee table should be consistent with the height of the surrounding sofas and seats, generally around 60cm.
For a living room with seats on all sides, a round coffee table is the best choice, regardless of priority, to ensure that it can be touched in any direction.
If you like retro style, you can choose such an antique trolley as a coffee table, which can create a strong retro feeling. And when buying, you must pay attention to check the pulley to prevent scratching the floor or carpet.