How to choose a dining chair for children

How to choose a dining chair for children
1、 Material selection should be beneficial to the growth of the baby
1. Our children’s dining chairs are made of leather, plastic, wood and metal. Which metal frame and leather do we usually use in these kinds of chairs? This is easy to clean and bear balanced pressure.
2. If it is wood, we will choose those natural solid wood, such as teak, rosewood. Wooden should have no burr; if the child is active, it is not recommended to buy that kind of solid wood split, the child will definitely fall down, and the baby under 10 months old is not recommended to use wooden dining chair. The baby learns to sit and stand at 6 months, and the process from turning over to sitting is also a process of spine growth and development. The baby’s spine is still very weak and needs good protection.
2、 Is it helpful for your baby to eat
1. Children’s dining chair can not only help baby develop the habit of eating in the dining chair, avoid the trouble of chasing after the food behind the buttocks, but also has the advantage: the baby can sit in the chair suitable for himself, and won’t be swayed because of sitting instability. His hands can be liberated to grasp the tableware by himself. At the same time, the coordination and cooperation ability of the baby’s hands, eyes and brain are also trained.
3、 Is it helpful for the baby’s sitting posture? Is it comfortable for the baby to do it
The baby’s sitting posture has a great influence on the growth and memory changes in the future, and it can also help the development of the body. Safety and comfort is the first consideration of dining chair, followed by ductility. The baby grows day by day (winter also needs to wear thick cotton padded clothes). The space from the back of the chair to the table top can be adjusted to meet the growth needs of the baby.
In addition, whether it is integrated or split, when choosing children’s dining chair, we should pay attention to:
1. Choose a stable, wide base, the chair is not easy to overturn;
2. The edge is not sharp, if it is wooden, there should be no burr;
3. The depth of the seat is suitable for the baby to use, and the baby can move on it;
4. If the tray and other accessories are plastic products, non-toxic plastic should be selected, and the hot water will not deform after brushing;
5. Equipped with safety equipment. When using the children’s dining chair, you must use safety equipment for the baby every time, including the seat belt across the baby’s thigh and through both legs and the strong buckle. The safety belt should be able to adjust the tightness, and each time, it should be firm enough. If the child dining chair has wheels, the wheels should be lockable.