How to choose a glass table

How to choose a glass table
Many consumers are unfamiliar with the term FRP. In fact, FRP is a new type of composite material developed in the 20th century. The full name is glass fiber reinforced plastic. The cafeteria is a familiar place. Speaking of the cafeteria, everyone must think of the rows of dining tables and chairs in the cafeteria. In fact, these are made of fiberglass. Today, I will show you how to buy FRP dining tables and chairs.
1. The conjoined style is the main one, but the most suitable one is the four-person conjoined to the six-person conjoined one.
2. Whether the welding of the steel-wood base frame has the phenomenon of desoldering and virtual welding cracks, whether the screw or rivet connection part is loose; whether the connection between the steel pipe frame and the glass table is firm and not loose;
3. Is the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic dining table and chair lubricating and flat, without coating or coating falling off, without rust; the surface of the table is flat and lubricated, without scratches and other defects;
4. The thickness of the glass fiber reinforced plastic dining table and chair table should usually be greater than or equal to 12mm. Whether the end edge and grinding edge of the table are straight and lubricated without obtuse angles, scratches, missing corners, etc.