How to choose a hot pot table

Although the hot pot table is convenient, you must pay attention to many details in the purchase, so that you can buy a better hot pot table. How to choose a hot pot table?
Hot pot tabletop material selection: At present, there are a wide variety of hot pot tabletop materials on the market, which can be roughly divided into: These various materials have relatively large price differences. Even if the same material is used, the price will vary due to different brands and quality. Marble hot pot table top, artificial stone hot pot table top, fireproof board hot pot table top, melamine board hot pot table top, tempered glass hot pot table top, and ceramic hot pot table top. We recommend using ceramic hot pot tabletops as much as possible. This material has just been adopted by hot pot table manufacturers and has been widely recognized because it meets the special requirements of hot pot restaurants.
Material selection of hot pot table frame: The frame structure of hot pot table plays a vital role in the stability of the table. At present, three types of plate frame, solid wood frame and steel wood frame are generally used. Different frame hot pot tables will have different prices.
The choice of panel material: The hot pot tabletop board material is divided into: fireproof board panel, melamine board panel, solid wood panel, density board and solid wood leather panel. Among them, the price of fireproof board hot pot table and solid wood hot pot table are the highest. Some manufacturers will sell the MDF surface with solid wood leather as a solid wood hot pot table, so buyers should pay more attention when buying.
The choice of the table is very important to the material, but the most important thing is the treatment of the wood. The professional secondary drying technology is used on the wood, which greatly enhances the stability of the wood. The ordinary air-dried wood encounters dryness. Weather, it is easy to produce dry and crack, resulting in wood deformation.