How to choose a shoe bench

How to choose a shoe bench
1. Seat cushion: Does it fit your body when you sit down, and when you stand up, you can quickly regain the original shape
Second, choose the material: If the stool surface is made of short plush fabric, you can touch the surface with your hand to see if it is lint, and if the touched surface is pilling. If it is a cotton stool, it should be smooth to the touch and not piercing. If it is wood, it should be checked for splitting, moth-eaten, decay, or scarring.
3. Look at the space: A good shoe-changing stool can comfortably change shoes and store a lot of shoes. How much can be stored depends on the internal space structure, at least two floors, it is best to buy semi-open products, ventilation and ventilation. There are also many shoe stools that are just a very ordinary stool, depending on the purchase needs of consumers.
product cost and brand knowledge
The brands that produce shoes and stools on the market are: Junhe, Dianrui, Shengboao, Meihuajia, Huangjia Yuqi, Suoke, Weige, basically all wood products, the price is also between 150-500, relatively still relatively Affordable, there are also good cost-effective products under 100 yuan online, you can consider them.


Knowledge of matching shoes
Shoe-changing stool mainly adopts high and low-level design in appearance. The high part still has a two-layer shoe rack, and provides a stool function for you when changing shoes; the lower part can be placed with paper towels and vases.
The specific shoe-changing stool style can be matched with your favorite style according to the style of the overall space. Such as Mediterranean style, pastoral style, European style, Chinese style, American style, etc.